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While Agent Carter ended its second season (and possibly series, we find out in May) tonight, some questions remained unanswered while many new ones came out of the episode. While we saw the last of Dottie after her escape, she was talked about in this new Hollywood Reporter interview with EP Michele Fazekas:

Dottie (Bridget Regan) is still out there. If/when the show returns, will she play a bigger part next season, possibly as the main villain?

Fazekas: We will put Bridget Regan in as many episodes as she wants to be in. She has like two other jobs. [Laughs] But I know she has said that she has now put it into her contract that she can work on Agent Carter whenever it fits into her schedule. So we will use her as much as we can. We love writing Dottie. She’s a character that you can put with any other character and it will be amazing.


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