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Bridget’s newest Christmas film aired back on December 23 but I finally finished sorting the HD captures for you guys and I’m happy to say there’s over 2000 of them for you all to play with!

Bridget, along side her “Devil’s Gate” cast mates attended the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival the other night. They did several gorgeous photoshoots for different news websites and had the world premiere for the film and I’ve got HQ photos from all of it. I’ll continue to add photos as I come across them!

Please be sure to credit if you use the photos for art or if you’re re-posting. Thanks!

Bridget’s mysterious Grey’s Anatomy role was finally revealed tonight (though many of us had been guessing for weeks and we were right!) and she was playing Owen’s sister, Megan! Though only appearing in “flashbacks”, we still learned some things about the siblings and just how close they were. Since Bridget’s role was kept very secret, ABC has only just released stills and behind the scenes of her for tonight’s episode and I’ve got 177 HD Captures, 13 HQ stills and 7 HQ BTS stills from tonight’s episode.

Hopefully we’ll see more of Megan in the future!

Rose is back and still causing trouble for poor Luisa, what ever will she decide? I’ve uploaded 164 HD Captures from Monday’s episode to the gallery:

First off, thank you all for being such troopers during the unexpected downtime. We’re back and ready to go and hopefully will have no problems going forward.

Bridget hit up the Emmys celebrations the last two days and I’ve got photos from both events now in the gallery:

A big thanks to Holly of evan-peters.com for all the photos!

TNT has released two stills of Bridget from Sunday’s all new episode, and I’ve got both of them added in HQ to the gallery:

Chandler’s mission comes to a head as he prepares the final part of his plan. President Michener ponders the fate of his presidency.