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When Jane the Virgin returns this fall, we can look forward to much more of lesbian gynecologist-turned-free-spirit Luisa Alver (played by Yara Martinez). Specifically, the first 12 in a row, confirms Jane the Virgin creator and EP Jennie Snyder Urman.

“Yara is pretty pivotal,” Jennie said. “She has some really good turns and stirs up some drama in her way. And also still working on her love story with Rose/Sin Rostro.”

When we return to the Mirabella, Luisa is still with Juicy Jordan, her wrestling girlfriend, but the hunt for her ex (Bridget Regan) will complicate things.

“I would like, just because I think it’s fun and outrageous, to go on a hunt for Sin Rostro with Jane and make it like this weird action thing all of a sudden,” Yara said. “And I would love a good face off with Bridget. I love working with Bridget, so even though for my character it would be really shitty if she gets back with her—because it’s like, ‘Hello! You killed my father!’—but I love working with Bridget, so I’d love some type of relationship.”

Yara said she and Bridget have felt all kinds of love from the show’s first season (“I feel like Bridget and I had so many strong fans, which was really nice and that was definitely felt, without a doubt.”), and that she has no real idea what Jennie has planned for Season 2.

As for when we’ll first see Bridget Regan again: “She’s in the first episode but you’ll have to wait and see what Sin Rostro looks like. You might hear her first.”

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